Simplista R33

This update adds new experimental copper textures.

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Copper Doors and Trapdoors
Copper Bulbs
Copper Blocks
Copper Bulbs Lit
Published on
April 30, 2024

Hey all!

It's time for another update, and as decided from the recent poll, this time the update is focused on experimental copper blocks.

What's New?

In a nutshell, every single experimental copper textures are now in the game, including doors and trapdoors.

Revamped existing copper blocks

In order to blend the existing copper textures with the new experimental textures, I took a close look regarding what I could improve on the existing textures, one of the things I found was the new experimental textures were more simplified, so taking that in account I simplified the existing textures more without compromising quality.

Copper Doors and Trapdoors

Minecraft really managed to add each oxidization variation of both copper Doors and Trapdoors, nonetheless all Doors and Trapdoors variations are complete. Although with this update you might notice there are no handles on any of the Doors yet, that is because I will be adding custom models for the Doors in a later update which will make the handles stand out quite how I want them to be like other doors, e.g. oak_door, spruce door. Etc.

Copper Bulbs

The textures for the Bulbs were really fun to make, I took a bit of time thinking about how I can make them just a bit more unique per se, and so I did, each bulb emits less light as it's oxidized making the normal Copper Bulbs emit more light than oxidized variants, as the Bulb oxidizes the amount of light it emits reduces further and further.

And as always thanks to all the Patreon and Gumraod supporters, I'll try my best to provide you more quality updates of this project and take account of any feedback.

That's it for this update, make sure to subscribe so you won't miss out the next one!


  • chiseled_copper
  • exposed_chiseled_copper
  • weathered_chiseled_copper
  • oxidized_chiseled_copper
  • copper_grate
  • exposed_copper_grate
  • weathered_copper_grate
  • oxidized_copper_grate
  • copper_trapdoor
  • exposed_copper_trapdoor
  • weathered_copper_trapdoor
  • oxidized_copper_trapdoor
  • copper_door_top
  • exposed_copper_door_top
  • weathered_copper_door_top
  • oxidized_copper_door_top
  • copper_door_bottom
  • exposed_copper_door_bottom
  • weathered_copper_door_bottom
  • oxidized_copper_door_bottom
  • copper_bulb
  • exposed_copper_bulb
  • weathered_copper_bulb
  • oxidized_copper_bulb
  • copper_bulb_lit
  • exposed_copper_bulb_lit
  • weathered_copper_bulb_lit
  • oxidized_copper_bulb_lit
  • copper_bulb_powered
  • exposed_copper_bulb_powered
  • weathered_copper_bulb_powered
  • oxidized_copper_bulb_powered
  • copper_bulb_lit_powered
  • exposed_copper_bulb_lit_powered
  • weathered_copper_bulb_lit_powered
  • oxidized_copper_bulb_lit_powered
  • copper_block
  • exposed_copper
  • weathered_copper
  • oxidized_copper
  • cut_copper
  • exposed_cut_copper
  • weathered_cut_copper
  • oxidized_cut_copper

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