Simplista R34

This update introduces the long awaited mobs addon.

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Simplista pig mob
Simplista resource pack smoker, furnace and blast furnace
Simplista cow mob
Simplista cherry leaves foliaged showcase
Published on
May 31, 2024

Hey all!

It's time for another update, and as decided from the recent poll, this time everyone wanted the mobs, so this release introduces the long awaited Mobs Addon.

What's New?

A few mobs, and requests fulfilled.

Mobs Addon

The long awaited mobs add-on is now here, now I acknowledge that there aren't many mobs on the initial release as some of you might have anticipated but the reason for this update to not be as big as I wanted to make it myself is because I encountered some, well rather serious health issues all of a sudden and still doing so, anyway a few common mobs like pig, cow and it's variants, sheep are here for the initial release of the Mobs Addon.


This was requested by one of the supporters in the discord community and I really don't mind fulfilling any requests, smoker was one of the blocks I wanted to do for a long time anyway but as the community members were driving the updates through polls for a few months this was forgotten, well not anymore.

Cherry Leaves

Cherry leaves were missing the custom model that I use on the other leaves, this update adds the missing model and the cherry leaves now look fluffy as they should.

Grass Block Side minor fix

Two Grass Block Side CTM-Random variants were missing edge fading, causing a green line (the grass from top) to appear at the bottom side of the texture, this has now been fixed.

And that's it for this blog, as always thanks to all the Patreon and Gumraod supporters, I'll try my best to provide you more quality updates of this project and take account of any feedback.

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Simplista grass block side texture from R33 release
Simplista grass block side texture from R34 release


  • smoker_bottom
  • smoker_top
  • smoker_front
  • smoker_front_on
  • cow (mobs addon)
  • brown_mooshroom cow (mobs addon)
  • red_mooshroom cow (mobs addon)
  • pig (mobs addon)
  • sheep (mobs addon)
  • sheep_fur (mobs addon)
  • cherry_leaves (foliage addon custom model)
  • grass_block_side (added edge fade on 2nd CTM variation)
  • grass_block_side (added edge fade on 3nd CTM variation)

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