Stylista R20

This update adds cherry biome and improved sand biome.

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Cherry biome screenshot with Stylista
Sandstone biome screenshot with Stylista
Published on
May 14, 2024

Hey all!

It's time for another update, and as decided from the recent poll, this time the update is focused on the Cherry Biome.

What's New?

In a nutshell, Cherry Biome textures are now in the game, and improvements on Sand biome textures have been made.

Cherry petals

Cherry Petals were very fun to make, I didn't rush making them and took my time as I wanted to use the flowers in cherry leaves textures also, without any custom model or CTM I was able to achieve the results I was hoping for, although at first I couldn't get the color of it right, and they always turned out a bit more pink, but I managed to resolve that, and it turned out very good in the end, especially after making the Stem.

Cherry leaves

For making the leaves, I didn't just want to map flowers to exactly where they are in vanilla texture, I wanted the positioning to be random and also have the custom model for a better feel, so I did just that, but I was still missing something, it wasn't just flowers that existed in the leaves I noticed there were also some green leaves, and after adding them everything just fit right, exactly how I was hoping for it to be.

Improved existing sand biome stuff

The sand biome was one of the biomes I did very early when I had started the development of the resource pack, so it needed an update as my skills had improved over time, In this new update I remade all the textures from scratch but kept the concept and inscriptions same, and the smooth_sandstone always bothered me because even it had multiple textures to have some randomness using CTM they were all really pretty much the same, so I decided to remove Random CTM from it altogether and gave them a seamless design instead, furthermore I took the very same smooth_sandstone and used it for sandstone_top and the slab which you can see on the top of Chiseled, Cut & sandstone using CTM Top method to give very nice seamless feel.

What's next for sand biome

It's still incomplete, I know that and now there's also mismatch between how the red sand stuff looks compared to sand biome, but rest assured red sand biome will be improved just like this in a future update, maybe on the next one. And yeah, it'll bring the dead_bush texture to complete everything.

And as always thanks to all the Patreon and Gumraod supporters, I'll try my best to provide you more quality updates of this project and take account of any feedback.

I hope you all will like this update, and make sure to subscribe so you won't miss out the next one!

Stylista sandstone biome screenshot from r19
Sandstone biome screenshot with Stylista


  • cherry_leaves
  • pink_petals
  • pink_petals_stem
  • cherry_0 (particle)
  • cherry_1 (particle)
  • cherry_2 (particle)
  • cherry_3 (particle)
  • cherry_4 (particle)
  • cherry_5 (particle)
  • cherry_6 (particle)
  • cherry_7 (particle)
  • cherry_8 (particle)
  • cherry_9 (particle)
  • cherry_10 (particle)
  • cherry_11 (particle)
  • sandstone
  • sandstone_top
  • chiseled_sandstone
  • chiseled_sandstone_1 (CTM)
  • cut_sandstone
  • cut_sandstone_1 (CTM)
  • smooth_sandstone
  • smooth_sandstone_1 (CTM)

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