Shader Settings

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Find the perfect settings for the shader of your choice.

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Recommended settings:
  • Lighting
    • Multi-colored blocklight: ON
  • Material
    • Advanced materials: ON
    • Refraction: Full
    • Specular & Reflections
      • Albedo tinted hardcoded metalness: ON
    • Normals & Parallax
      • Parallax samples: 512
      • Self shadow samples: 32
      • Directional lightmap: ON
      • Parallax depth: 25cm

How to configure shader settings

There are multiple ways to accomplish this, manually configuring, replacing shader settings with the settings from the website or simply copying settings file text and pasting it into existing settings.

If the shader settings file does not exist make sure to run the game at least once with the shader of your choice.

Downloading and replacing settings file

Download the settings file, and save it on your computer.

Then go to the shaderpacks folder in your .minecraft directory.

Select the existing shader settings .txt file and copy its name.

Now delete that .txt file, and move the .txt file you downloaded from the website earlier to the shaderpacks folder.

Rename the .txt file with the name of the .txt file existed earlier.

If the game is running press “R” in-game to reload the shader.

Replacing text in shader settings file

Downloading and replacing settings file

Open the shader settings .txt file of your chosen shader.

Click copy text on the website to copy the text.

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